University of Texas Invitational
October 30, 2021

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University of Texas Invitational

We participated in our first Science Olympiad tournament on  October 19, 2020.  We finished in the top 25%. 

Unimye and Nandini - Machines
Unimye and Evan - Fossils
Sonakshi and Jade - Disease Detectives
Sonakshi and Nandini - Dynamic Planet
Sanjana and Gauravaram - Chemistry Lab
Saad & Ananya P - Geologic Mapping
Rishab and Niyati - Data Science
Rishab and Greg - Studying
Rishab and Greg - Anatomy & Physiology
Pelin and Manas - Dectector Building
Rishab & Greg & Natalia - Protein Modeli
Pelin and Ananya Loke - Sounds of Music.
Niyati and Nina and Anshu - Codebusters.
Niyati - Circuit Lab
Nihilesh, Aum, Neil, Andy, Saad
Nihilesh & Saad - Fossils
Neil and Nina - Designer Genes
Neil and Natalia - Water Quality
Meha and Nihilesh and Gauravaram - Codeb
Nandini  and Anshu - Astronomy
Meghana and Nihilesh - We've Got Your Nu
Meghana and Haochen - Anatomy & Physiolo
Meghana & Pelin & Aum - Protein Modeling
Matthew and Neil - Geologic Mapping
Meghana and Ananya Loke - Data Science
Manas and Gauravaram - Circuit Lab
Jade and Nina -Sounds of Music
Jade - Chem Lab
Jaanak & Ariv - Machines
Hoachen and Ariv- Disease Detectives
Evan and Unyime-Ornithology
Greg and Evan Studying
Curtis - Detector Building
Anshu & Sonakshi - Forensics
Aum and Andy - Ornithology
Andy and Saad - Dynamic Planet
Andy Manas Aum Neil Nihelish
Ananya P. and Aum - Astronomy
Ananya L. and Jannak - Designer Genes
Andy & Nihilesh - Water Quality
Ananya P and Meha - Forensics